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Andrew Miller

Tigers' rookie starting pitcher Andrew Miller threw a 4x4 gem in his 2007 debut against the hapless defending World Series champions - a W, 6IP, 0 ER, 7 RA and 2K.  Entering the game, Miller's 2007 minor league numbers show him to be an extreme groundball pitcher - 4.75 GB/FB ratio is almost 50 innings of work.

To put that into some context, Arizona's Brandon Webb has a 3.81 ratio this season to lead all major league pitchers who have a minimum of 40 innings pitched.  FWIW, Derek Lowe (3.38), Fausto Carmona (2.51),  and Tim Hudson (2.40) follow.  In 2006, only four SP with more than 160 IPs had a GB/FB greater than 3.01 - Webb, Lowe, Chien-Ming Wang and Jake Westbrook.

With those four pitchers ranging from elite to good, fantasy players can get an idea of what they can expect from Andrew Miller if his GB/FB comparables hold-up across his other stats - a 4.00-ish ERA and a 1.30-ish WHIP.  Good numbers, maybe even ROY ones, if Delmon Young and Alex Gordon don't turn things aorund, but they are not mixed-league must-start numbers.

If his GB/FB ratio from his first major league start proves to be more than a fluke (.78), then his 2Ks are going to get him back to the minors soon enough.  Maybe not soon enough for AL-only owners, but certainly before mixed-leaguers would be tempted to add him.