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Draft Fallout - Craig Davis

If you read my last review on taking a big gamble with Robert Meachem in New Orleans you may have decided that you just don't have that kind of risk tolerance.  Hey, that's ok.  Fantasy football - especially when you're facing years of smack talk from friends - can be a stressful experience.  

But let me offer the chance to take a smaller gamble that can still pay off handsomely with Craig Davis (30th overall), the newest receiver in San Diego.

As most fantasy players know, the receiving corps in San Diego leaves a lot to be desired.  Eric Parker led all wide receivers last year with 48 catches (659 yards), but that was only the third best total on the team, behind the tight end (Gates) and the running back (Tomlinson).   That's not good, so the Chargers spent their first round pick on Davis.

Unlike Meachem, who has to compete with two young, exciting receivers, Craig Davis only has to compete with two older, unexciting receivers.  Eric Parker has been a breakout WR candidate for about six years now and Vincent Jackson (27 rec, 453 yards, 6 TDs) has been too unreliable (ten games last season with two or fewer receptions) to have any use in fantasy football.  Craig Davis isn't the greatest WR prospect ever to come out of the draft, but after spending the past year catching passes from JaMarcus Russell, he should be ready to compete with guys like Parker and Jackson.

So Davis can be a #1 WR on a team with a strong running game and a Pro Bowl quarterback AND should still be around in the late rounds of your fantasy draft.  That's exactly what every fantasy player is looking for.  There are the usual risks, he may get injured or might not be able to grasp the offense right away or may just stink and end up as the #3 WR with stats around 30 receptions, 425 yards and 2 touchdowns.  In that case, he's useless for fantasy purposes and you'll wish you took a kicker with that pick instead.

But there's also a good chance that Davis steps up and takes a leading role in the offense.  I repeat: we're only talking about beating out Eric Parker and Vincent Jackson!  Seeing Davis finish with 55 catches for 800 yards and 5 touchdowns wouldn't be a huge surprise.