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Chat Links

Update [2007-5-18 14:56:21 by Eric Hz]: Jim Callis will be chatting about the upcoming draft at 4PM. Here is the link - 2007 Draft

In addition to Keith Law's chat and Jim Callis's one, today completes the new Triumvirate of must-read chats.  At 11AM, Will Carroll hosts his weekly gig on  I'm sure there will be a question about Felix Hernandez, and I'm sure Will will proffer his opinion on the way the Twins use Joe Mauer in the context of answering a question about Mauer's thigh.  Matt Berry has Matt Capps.  I have Kevin Gregg, Phil Garner and Orlando Palmeiro.  Will has Joe Mauer's usage patterns.

Fantasy League Injuries with Will Carroll at 11AM.

Baseball Prospectus' John Perrotto at noon.

Jerry Crasnick at noon.

Jayson Stark at 1PM.

Fantasy Football Focus at 3PM.