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NFL Camp News

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Interesting news from camp:

Lance Briggs, LB, Chicago - reports Pro Bowl linebacker and Bears' franchise-tagged player Lance Briggs still doesn't have a contract, so he's not allowed to attend the Bears mandatory three-day mini camp today.  

The Bears can't seem to sign Briggs and they haven't found a way to trade him yet either.  Not good.  If he gets signed soon it won't have any effect on his performance; he's a veteran and doesn't need much training camp to get into shape.  But if this contract dispute goes on and on, a disgruntled Briggs becomes harder to project for fantasy purposes.  I hate that.

Brandon Jackson, RB, Green Bay - Also from, here's something you don't see every day.  Jackson was invited to the NFL Premiere Event in Los Angeles - photo shoots, movie starts, endorsement contracts, visibility and (I'm just guessing here) maybe a few parties attended by interesting ladies.  And you get $12,000 for the privilege.  Life is good in the NFL.  

But wait!  The event occurs on the same days as the Packers mini-camp, and Jackson wants to go to the mini-camp instead.  

But the league is telling Jackson he MUST go to the event.   And Jackson isn't happy about missing the mini-camp.

The Packers know he can't show up so this isn't going to have any effect on his fantasy value.  It is promising to see this guy go out of his way to tell people he'd rather be in camp though.  Sure, it might be a gimmick his agent came up with, but in that case at least he has a good agent.  

LenDale White, RB, Tennessee - According to the Nashville Tennessean - where I've been going to get my Titans bad news lately - there's an update on LenDale White.  He's being held out of mini-camp!  Oh no!  More trouble for White.  What does Coach Jeff Fisher say?

"LenDale's injury is not severe; we just don't want to take a chance"

Phew, ok.  Well that doesn't sound so bad.  Wait, what's that coach?

"We're rotating all the backs."

Gah!  If you're a LenDale White owner (or LenDale White), the last thing you want is for the staff to start looking at other backs.  Even if one of those backs is second round pick Chris Henry.  Or even guys named Quentin Gather or Danny Ware.  Or anybody, really.

White has enough problems securing the starting RB slot without sitting on the sidelines while his competitors are out impressing the coaches.   White needs to get himself out there and start taking control.


Molly Ringwald - When I was on the Tennessean website I saw an ad for a Broadway show starring Molly Ringwald.  Having grown up with The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink of course I have memories of....wait.

THIS is what Molly Ringwald looks like now?!  Really? How did I miss that?! There should've been an announcement or something.