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Closers Clarity

The Blue Jays have finally gotten some good news - teamwise and p.r. wise.  Jeremy Accardo has locked down the closer's role.  From a public relations perspective, his acquisition for Shea Hillenbrand now gives GM JP Ricciardi something pin on his chest.  Of course, finding a closer for a hitter of Hillenbrand's caliber does raise the question of signing a closer for $47MM, doesn't it?

Fake Teams' favorite Kevin Gregg closed out yesterday's 4-3 win over the Pirates.   I knew it!  All it took was Jorge Julio to get traded, Henry Owens to go on the D.L, Matt Linstrom to give-up four runs in a late inning post-Owens DL and Taylor Tankersley to be ineffective at the same time!  I think this qualifies at a stopped clock being right twice a day versus a blind squirrell finding a nut.

The A's Kiko Calero is doing all he can to lose the temporary closer's job.  Next up is a closing commitee I think.  If real closer Huston Street's ulnar irritation takes the same path as Josh Johnson's, then the A's are going to need to do something more than parade Alan Embree and Jay Witasik out there.