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Prospect Hot Sheet 4.0

The latest Prospect Hot Sheet" is out at Baseball America and topping it is Devil Rays' 3B Evan Longoria.  A line like 333/451/621 would do that.  Last year's performance has only gotten better as Longoria is taking the walks this season in AA that he didn't take last season.  Get him to AAA already, and it wouldn't hurt to open an obvious major league roster spot right now by dealing....Geez Brendan Harris' success has make an organization rich in trade chips even richer.

The Diamondbacks have a mashing super-utility guy in Mark Reynolds checking in at #7. 306/394/537 in AA demonstrates that his California League inflated offense last season wasn't just a function of friendly hitting confines.  He's a little older and blocked everywhere in Arizona, but Brendan Harris has shown there are opportunities to shine given the right situation and defensive versatility.

At #13 is Red Sox righthander Michael Bowden.  In the same California League that makes hitters invulnerable to the allure of PEDS, Bowden has dealt 46 innings and allowed only 43 runners while striking out 46 against just 8 free passes.  Is there any doubt the Red Sox have passed the Yankees on the field and in minor league depth?  Clay Buchholz, Bowden and Jacoby Ellsbury are better than any three the Yanks have to offer.