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Carlos Gomez

In what was only a matter of time, the Mets placed leftfielder Moises Alou on the 15-day D.L. with a strained quadriceps.  To take his place, the Mets recalled AAA OF Carlos Gomez.

In NL-only keeper and non-keeper leagues, Gomez should be picked-up immediately.  His calling card is speed -  or translated into fantasy-speak, stolen bases.  With 135 ABs and a .360 OBP, he stole 17.  In 2006, he stole 41 bases in 50 attempts at AA Binghampton while improving upon his 2005 OPS by 66 points to .773.  This was done after skipping from Low A to AA.  FWIW, he stole 64 bases in 2005.

Because he does not have the name recognition of fellow propsect Lastings Milledge, he is likely to be available in the free agent pool.  Do not allow your leaguemates the chance to learn more about him.  

  Update [2007-5-14 9:46:11 by Eric Hz]: From Tim Marchman's NY Sun article:

What's more, Gomez hasn't come close to his full potential. As he showed in stealing his base yesterday, he's probably the fastest player in the entire organization — yes, faster than Reyes. His throwing arm is also rated about as well as his speed. When you have an unrefined player with this kind of physical talent holding his own at such a young age, it's hard to say exactly what he might become — but Gomez gave us a glimpse yesterday, and it was tantalizing.