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With almost a quarter of the season in the books, some fantasy teams may be feeling the day-in and day-out effects of seeing their teams struggle.  With the Memorial Day holiday just a couple weeks away, those same teams are likely to begin contemplating bailing for 2007.

In non-keeper leagues, this means a precipitious drop in participation levels of those teams' owners.  I wish that didn't occur, but what other rational option exists? (ed:  Start-up a fantasy blog and be forced to try to save face?)

In keeper leagues, there is a different route to take.  Teams begin to trade their expensive and/or out-of-time players for cheaper players who can have value in 2008 and beyond.  These trades almost always involve the team focused on the future taking less 2007 value than the team focused on winning now.

My suggestion to these teams (of which I am one) is to remain patient or, if you must shake things-up, trade your out-of-time players for ones who are keeper options in 2008.  However, these types of trades should be fair value ones.  Bailing shouldn't be an option right now.

On the previous poll:

By a margin of 28-5, most Fake Teams readers do not believe the Red Sox or Astros should have tried harder to sign Roger Clemens.  I'd classify that result as overwhelming.  Do these results support my contention that the Yankees made a panic move?