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Draft Fallout - Ted Ginn Jr.

"And with the ninth pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select Ted Ginn Jr."

With those words, tens of thousands of Dolphins fans across the country yelled at their televisions.


The selection of Ted Ginn with the #9 pick was probably the shock of the entire draft.  Even putting aside the Dolphins' other needs, Ginn was hardly considered the second best WR in the draft.  He's extremely fast and agile but slender and fairly light at 180 lbs.  Scouts doubt if he has the build and the mental toughness to be a top notch NFL receiver.   He's able to outrun most defenders and can make the difficult catch, but he's not going to be making the tough catch in traffic or in the end zone.

What do the Dolphins know that we don't?: Dolphins WR Ted Ginn

His quarterback is either Daunte Culpepper or rookie John Beck or possibly Cleo Lemon, nobody knows right now.  He also finds himself at #3 on the depth chart, behind Chris Chambers and Marty Booker so it doesn't look as though he'll get that many chances to catch the ball.  Oh yeah, and he's hurt.  That's not what you want to read about a guy you drafted number nine overall.

For fantasy purposes, he has value if your league scores for individual kickoff return and punt return yards.  With Wes Welker off to New England, Ginn already has the return job locked down and should do quite well.  He has the skills to rack up 1600-1800 return yards and a couple of touchdowns.  If your league doesn't score for individual return yards, then he won't have enough value for you to draft him.  I'd expect maybe 25 catches for 300 yards and a touchdown.  If either Chambers or Booker get hurt or leave the team, then you may want to add him to the end of your draft list.   For now though, Ginn is a great return specialist who may catch two or three passes a week.