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Chat Links

Unlike previous days, there is a heavy slate of baseball-related chats today headlined by Will Carroll's weekly one on  I am hopeful there will be a question about the Blue Jays' Roy Halladay.  After all, it was Will who mentioned he was having some forearm issues this past winter.  This from Will's February 22, 2007 column:

Halladay started relying more on his cutter, a pitch that he moved with fingertip pressure. That application of pressure caused some cramping in his forearm. Many forearm problems wind up being precursors of elbow problems, and I said so, but Halladay's problem was nothing more than that. The problem continues, and while it hasn't gotten better, it also hasn't gotten worse either.

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Bryan Smith will be talking prospects.  He is a fairly recent addition to the BP line-up so I am not familar with his work.  It will be interesting to see how he measures up against the big MSM minor league pundits like Jim Callis, Kevin Goldstein and Chris Kline.  (Who'd I miss?  Can I excuse the memory lapse by claiming operational definition differences in "MSM"?)

As my recent posts and comment suggest, my current bone of contention revolves around the Blue Jays.  Between Crasnick, Stark and Kurkjian, I expect one of those very MSM baseball pundits to provide something to further feed my bugaboo.

Fantasy League Injuries with Will Carroll at 11AM.

Baseball Prospectus' Bryan Smith at noon.

Jerry Crasnick at noon.

Jayson Stark at 1PM.

Tim Kurkjian at 3PM.

Fantasy Football Focus at 3PM.