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Henry Owens

No sooner do I post a sell high article then the Florida Marlins put closer Henry Owens on the D.L. with rotator cuff tendinitis as of the 9th of May.  Earlier this week I noted with incredulity that the Marlins intended to get Jorge Julio back into the closer's role.

Going back, I see the information used for that post was in the Wednesday morning paper (May 9th).  That means it was said Tuesday.  Owens had pitched that night.  Conspiratorially, I could say the Marlins were aware of something with Owens, but a review of the link doesn't provide information that would allow me to conclude Gonzalez knew when he spoke with the reporter.

Actually, the blurb leads with a discussion of Julio's Monday two-inning performance.  If I were a betting man, I'd say the Julio info was presented prior to the game.  Which means my post and Gonzalez' info looks prescient only if being right for the wrong reason is acceptable.  (And when predicting the future, I am prone to believing that is the best we can do.)