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Draft Fallout -- Calvin Johnson

The next couple of reviews are on rookie receivers - wide receivers and tight ends that should have a fantasy impact this season.   These are also written for single-season drafts - if you're in a keeper or dynasty league, then rookie WR values are almost always higher due to the time it takes receivers to develop.

The last WR drafted in the Top Two was Charles Rogers.  By the Lions.  I'm just saying: Lions WR Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson (2nd overall) is the man everybody has been talking about.  He's an incredible physical specimen!  He's a franchise player!  He should've been taken number one overall!  To which I say: "yeah, maybe".

Maybe he is all of those things, but there's one other thing to remember: Calvin Johnson is the #3 WR on the Detroit Lions.  He's behind Roy Williams (1310 yds, 7 TDs) who is also an incredible physical franchise blah, blah, blah.  He's also behind Mike Furrey (1086 yds, 6 TDs) who is no slouch either.  That's the bad news.

Johnson does have a solid QB in Jon Kitna to throw the ball and (more importantly) offensive coordinator Mike Martz to plan the offense.  Martz's offense will continue to be all about the passing game so Johnson will get his share of the passes.  That's the good news.

For fantasy purposes, don't let that #2 overall draft pick status blind you on draft day.  Johnson should eat into Furrey's totals and should finish with solid, but not earthshaking, fantasy stats.  I would expect around 50 catches for 800 yards and 7 or 8 touchdowns.  You could start him on your fantasy team if you need an injury or bye week fill-in and hope he has a hot game or catches a long TD.  But unless you're in a very large league, he won't be worth starting on a weekly basis.