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Roy Halladay

Update [2007-5-11 14:42:47 by Eric Hz]: Feeling any pressure, J.P.?

"A left-fielder, a catcher, a set-up guy, a closer, a f------ third baseman -- who's got those replacements?" Ricciardi asked yesterday, growing more frustrated with each question. "The Red Sox got those f------ replacements?

Following the recent admission by Blue Jays' general manger J.P. Ricciardi that he (and the organization) lied to the public about $47MM closer B.J. Ryan's elbow injury, I am looking at ace starter Roy Halladay's awful start tonight in a different light.  Why?

This is Halladay's second consecutive 8+ runs-allowed start.  That kind of ineptitude makes me wonder whether the pitcher is dealing with some arm issues.  To feed the wonder, the Jays' announcers mentioned that they don't usually see Halladay throwing so many change-ups.

Is there something wrong?  Why are people who watch every start Halladay makes noting he is not throwing the same pitches he normally does?  I don't know, but I do know that any information coming from the  Jays' front office cannot be trusted.

Should fantasy owners take a fair value offer for Halladay?  Maybe.