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New Helmet

I know this is old news, but I just realized that the San Diego Chargers changed their helmets for the 2007 season. I!

Might even make Vincent Jackson look good

I love the old NFL helmets and uniforms.  I've always been a fan of Paul Lukas' highly recommended Uni Watch columns and his blog is pretty great too. I think that most of the helmet designs in the NFL today are horrible.  And before you think I'm an old fogey, it's not traditional vs modern, they pretty much all stink.  The "traditional" Steelers' helmet?   Bland. The "modern" Ravens helmet?  More bland.  That period in the 90s when every single team had to incorporate black into their logo was just a disaster.

OK, enough Mr. Blackwell from me.  The new Chargers helmets are a throwback to the 60's, with the white helmet and a gold and navy lightening bolt.  Very sharp.  They're also bringing back the baby blue uniforms, though not on a regular basis.  

By my count this is the third NFL team to go back to 60's style helmets, with both the Giants and Jets going retro over the past few seasons.  If they would just bring back those gaudy red Falcons helmets or those Bengals helmets with the word BENGALS stretched across it, then I'd really be happy.