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Edwin Encarnacion

More Cincinnati Reds information.  The Reds sent 3B Edwin Encarnacion to AAA and will have Ryan Freel man the hot corner.  In addition to the likelihood of Freel being a Chone Figgins-esque qualifier for 2008 drafts, his move to third signals as strongly as possible that rookie phenom Josh Hamilton has made believers of the Reds.  He should now get full-time ABs in the outfield.

There is nothing in Hamilton's 2007 performance that would lead anyone to believe he cannot continue hitting 260-270 with power.  There are obvious reasons in his minor league numbers to believe otherwise.  However, he can be safely played in all formats for teams that can afford to carry his AVG.

A couple of other related points.  First, if Hamilton has a weakness, it will be exposed during this upcoming stretch.  (Hindsight may say it began 9 ABs ago.)  Second, maybe the Yankees can trade for Encarnacion.  I think Wayne Krivsky has shown a love for the Brian Bruneys and Scott Proctors of the relieving world.