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What If I Drafted Jose Reyes Part I

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How would I have handled my draft if I had gone $53 for Mets SS Jose Reyes?  It is an excellent question, and one I am going to try to answer in the best spirit of Marvel Comics' What If series.

I go $53 on Reyes and get him.  That would leave me with $56 for 8 players.  Immediately, I calculate my maximum bid on any one player is $48 - one for $49 and 7 $1 players.  However, I would still need to get Iannetta for $14.  Now I am at 7 players for $35.

After Iannetta, I originally drafted Pedro for $17.  Needing 7 players, I would have passed on him around the $13 mark.  I was aggressively bidding on him because I had an extra $53 after losing out on Reyes.  

Pedro's roster slot would be filled be a cheaper pitcher.  Most likely a middle reliever/potential closer.  I have liked Florida's Kevin Gregg and would have gotten him for a $1.

Randy Johnson would have still become a member of my 2007 team based upon the small amount it took to price enforce him for $13, and price-enforcing was what I was doing.  One could argue that he was the first good thing to happen to my team because I missed on Reyes.

Edgar Martinez would have still been drafted.  This makes my current pitching staff the exact same as it currently is with the exception that I have a $1 Kevin Gregg and no $17 Pedro Martinez on reserve.  Am I better off?  No.  If Gregg closes, he is still valuable as a $10 DL replacement as he would be at $1.  If he doesn't, then he is easier to waive with the $10 salary than with a $1 one.

Part II will cover what I would have done on the hitting side.