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Fantasy Baseball Line-Ups & Buster Olney Chat

We have a head-to-head league going at Fake Teams.  After my first week in this format, I am 7-3.  What is helpful is the chat ESPN is having at 11AM - Fantasy Baseball Line-Ups.  Given my inexperience in the H2H format, I will be paying more attention than usual to other experts fantasy advice.

At 1PM EST, Buster Olney chats.  I expect some good information to come from there as his morning blog compels him to know more than he usually would.  One cannot read all the daily papers and not know more.

As with all ESPN chats, they are free to non-Insider subscribers while they are ongoing and go behind the subscriber wall when they end.

Click Fantasy Baseball Line-ups between ~11AM and 11:45AM to enter.

Click Buster Olney between ~1PM and 1:45PM to enter.

Update [2007-4-9 11:0:16 by Eric Hz]: There is also a Christina Kahrl chat over at Baseball Prospectus at 2PM.