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Deolis Guerra

Every year, I make a rough list of the minor league players I can take. Every year, there is a player on the previous year's list that ends-up being a very top of the draft player. From Jose Reyes to Brandon Wood to Ryan Howard to Hunter Pence, it seems to always happen.

This year, the NL list was much smaller because I possessed no selections after my 16th pick. If I hadn't dealt the 24th pick, then there'd be another 5 or six names. There are no AL prospects listed because I had only the 3rd overall pick.

If I'd had to guess the Red Sox's pitcher Michael Bowden would be there along with The Yankees' Joba Chamberlain and Dellin Betances. The Indians' OF Trevor Crowe would have been on the list as would Detroit's OF Gorkys Hernandez. OF John Mayberry of Texas and Angels' SS Sean Rodriguez would have been, too. Minnesota's P Glen Perkins would have rounded out that "list".

Since I only have a written record of the NL players, I will only provide those in the table. I sense Met's P Delois Guerra is the one I will regret not taking over Brian Wilson with my final pick, the 16th.

From Kevin Goldstein's chat yesterday:

SOJseth (Shea on Monday): Kevin, In their '07 organizational talent rankings, your former employers indicated that Deolis Guerra has shown some mid-90's heat this spring. Can you confirm? Based on his advanced changeup, would that kind of velocity rank him among the top pitching prospects in the low minors?

Kevin Goldstein: We've mentioned it here as well, including in today's blog on Opening Day performances. His stock is WAY WAY up. Two years ago, the Mets signed the best international hitter (Fernando Martinez) and the best international pitcher (Guerra), and right now both investments look to be outstanding.

From Chris Kline's Prospects Blog at Baseball America:

Guerra doesn't turn 18 for another two weeks, but the Mets saw three significant things change in spring training: a spike in fastball velocity, added depth to his breaking ball with the confidence to use throw it and the ability to repeat his delivery more consistently. Guerra's fastball was up to 94-95 mph in minor league camp, an increase of four-to-five miles an hour from where he was last season....

These are the minor leaguers I selected and the overall spot they were taken. There are just two rounds and 24 selections overall - Homer Bailey (5), Gabriel Sanchez (12), Seth Smith (13), Clayton Kershaw (14) and Brian Wilson (16). Here is a list of those I did not. I am getting the sense I will regret taking Smith and Wilson the most.

NYM P Deolis Guerra
NYM 1B Mike Carp
NYM P Phil Humber
ATL 2B Eric Campbell
LAD P Jonathan Meloan
SD 2B Mark Antonelli
SD OF Cedric Hunter