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ESPN Baseball Chat-athon

Maybe in honor of Opening Week.  Maybe because they draw eyeballs, but ESPN has four consecutive baseball chats today beginning with Fantasy Baseball Focus.  The Wednesday version is usually hosted by Eric Karabell.  I will be interested to see what he says about Chris Carpenter. Drop him following a bad Opening Day start and right elbow cartilage inflammation?

Update [2007-4-4 9:41:2 by Eric Hz]: From Buster Olney's morning column:

A talent evaluator with another team watched Chris Carpenter pitch Sunday night. He mentioned Monday that the pitcher kept jiggling his right arm, and the evaluator wondered if he was OK.

At 2PM, Chris Kline will be stepping-in for Jim Callis for the weekly minor league chat.  A different perspective should be helpful.  Hopefully, the Jessica Alba and 24 questions will be eliminated and replaced with answers to questions about minor leaguers.

Steve Phillips chats and noon, and he is followed by Tim Kurkjian.  I don't watch ESPN anymore so I can't guess what their current hobby horses are.  If you know, comment on it.

My usual disclaimer about non-Insiders having access while the chats are ongoing and about the content being whisked behind the subscriber wall afterwards applies.

Fantasy Baseball Focus at 11AM EST.

Steve Phillips at noon.

Tim Kurkjian at 1PM.

Chris Kline of Baseball America at 2PM.