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Draft Day Trades

There is a lot of NFL Draft fantasy analysis to be done so you'll be seeing more and more football posts as the results of the draft start to sink into my sleep-deprived brain.  I wanted to start off with the two big draft day trades that sent current fantasy stars packing off to new teams.  

Darrell Jackson - Traded from the Seahawks to the 49ers.  Jackson has a reputation for always being injured, but he played in 13 straight games to start the 2006 season only sitting out the last three.  Over those 13 games he finished with 956 rec yds and a career high 10 touchdowns.  He's not a guy that's ever going to rack up 1300 yards, but when the Seahawks got to the red zone they were calling Darrell Jackson's number.  Now Alex Smith isn't Matt Hasselbeck, and the Niners don't have the passing offense that the Seahawks have.  But Smith has another year of experience under his belt and they've dumped the moody Antonio Bryant in favor of the moody - but more talented - Ashley Lelie.  As long as Jackson's healthy there's no reason he can't put up 1000 yard, 8 TD totals.  

Randy Moss - Traded from the Raiders to the Patriots.  Remember when the Patriots only hired clean-living "team" players?  Then Peyton Manning stomps them on the way to winning the Super Bowl and next thing you know they're trading for a guy who once ran over a cop with his car.  So there you go.  As long as he's healthy (a big "if" - he also missed the last three games of 2006) and he doesn't tick off management (a bigger "if") then  Moss will improve on his 553 yd, 3 TD "performance" of last season.  But don't expect a return to the days of 1600 yds and 17 TDs. The Patriots have only had one 1000+ yd receiver during the Tom Brady era and that was Troy Brown back in 2001.  What they've been doing since then has worked out pretty well.  Bill Belichick's offense simply doesn't revolve around one person, not even Tom Brady.   And certainly not when that one person is Randy Moss.  If everybody is playing nice together in camp then you should expect Moss to put up numbers around 1000 yds and 7 TDs.   If Moss decides he wants to skip "optional" team workouts or something like that, then look out.