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Closer Clarity

The Yankees' Mariano Rivera finally saved a game.  If there is anything wrong with him, the press is doing a great job of keeping it quiet.

Toronto's new closer, Jason Frasor, blew his first save this weekend.  He's not in danger but keep in mind the Jays are bringing him in the 8th.  He could tire.  Watch Casey Jansenn now that Shaun Marcum is giving up HRs whenever he can.

Last week, Joel Zumaya told the media he wasn't ready to close.  This may have been done under some misbegotten sense of team, but you never admit it.  It's like being asked by your girl if her pants make her ass look fat.  Even if they do, you never say that!

Octavio Dotel appears to be having no setbacks in his return from a strained oblique.  Enjoy Joakim Soria while you can.

JJ Putz appears to be over the elbow issues.  Getting almost two months off would do that.  Something good did come from all the rain/snow outs the Mariners endured.

Henry Owens is the closer in Florida, but I'd feel more comfortable with that assertion if he'd rack-up two/three saves in close proximity to each other.  Right now, I'd settle for one!

Bob Wickman blew two saves this weekend.  There are no calls for his job, but watch for some Soriano calls.

Where are the calls for Ryan Dempster's job?  He was a speculative favorite in the off-season.  No save chances does a lot to quell those calls, don't they?

The Pirates had a perfect opportunity to use Matt Capps in a save situation this weekend after Torres pitched on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but the Pirates lost both games on Saturday and Sunday.  Torres gets a reprieve from the torches and pitchforks of the roto-commentariat.

Jose Valverde pitched three consecutive games to give roto players the opportunity to see who the back-up in Arizona is.  The Dbacks cooperated and provided a save opportunity for Brandon Lyons.  He successfully closed the door on yesterday's win.

With the Giants' problems in middle relief, Armando Benitez is as safe as any closer in the game.  Even if the Giants call-up Tim Lincecum, I don't see Bruce Bochy removing Benitez from the job.  I see a Todd Jones/Joel Zumaya situation developing.