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Tim Lincecum

It's time.  Normally, I wouldn't suggest picking-up minor league players before they are recalled, but I am making an exception in the case of Giants starting pitcher Tim Lincecum.  In his 5th start in AAA, Lincecum (pronounced Lin-ceh-cum) struck out 14 batters in six innings and allowed three hits while walking none.

For the season, his line is stunning 31 IP, 46K, 23 Runners Allowed (12 hits and 11 BBs).  46 Ks in 31 AAA innings?  With the Giants bullpen doing all it can to deny #1 SP Matt Cain the 2007 CY Young, Lincecum could be the 2005 version of Mariano Rivera that every team has sought for the past twelve years - in a worst case scenario.

For those who don't recall Mo's 1995 season, he pitched 107.1 innings and struck out 130 with a 2.09 ERA and 1.00 WHiP.