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New York Yankees

Thank you, Julio Lugo.  If not for his leg-breaking line drive, Kei Igawa wouldn't have had the opportunity to throw further fuel on the fire about whether or not Joe Torre is the best manager for this Yankees club.

Recall it was Joe Torre who demoted Igawa to the bullpen in favor of Jeff Karstens.  That decision has been shown to be, at a minimum, hasty.  At its worst, it demonstrates that the calm that is Torre's greatest strength is an roiling cauldron of panic beneath the surface.


The NY Post has a brief piece by Pat Reichart on former top prospect Eric Duncan.  I recommend reading it if only to catch-up with a major player in the criticism that previously existed in the prospect evaluation community.

Apparently Duncan is afflicted with a chronic back injury.  Why the Yankees didn't snag one of the D'backs superfluous AAA corners in the RJ deal I will never understand.


BTW, the NY press is getting ready to turn on Brian Cashman, who was universally acclaimed for stock-piling pitching prospects this past off-season by the same prospect evaluation community.  See this Daily News piece by Bill Madden.

Didn't someone claim that Madden had a direct line to the Big Stein?