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Draft Day!

Update [2007-4-28 22:15:50 by Eric Hz]: This post is going to remain at the top of the site today. Any new posts will be below this one, so scroll down to read my discovery of valuable middle relievers. Also check the diaries for new info.

For fantasy football guys like me, it's a great day when the NFL off-season is finally over and the NFL Draft begins.  I love the NFL Draft.  Back in college my buddies and I would gather around the TV, order pizzas at 10 am, pump up the remains of the previous night's keg and engage in five or six hours of football talking, pizza eating, beer drinking goodness.  Sure, we didn't know the players' combine times or Wonderlic scores, but all of us were wicked passionate about the game and about our teams.  And we were drunk by noon.  Every year the NFL Draft makes me think of those good times.  

These days I don't get to sit in front of the TV for six hours - and tapping a keg at 10 am is considered socially unacceptable, go figure - but I do have the internet.   No matter what I'm doing, I can usually spare a few mintes for a quick glance at the live draft board, where I'm sure I'll see my Falcons horribly mangle yet another draft.  I still get the shakes when I hear the name Reggie Kelly.

I'm hoping that the Falcons use one of their 2nd round picks on injured former Louisville RB Michael Bush.  He wouldn't play this year, but they don't need him this year.  McGahee and Gore both came back from worse injuries than Bush's broken leg and I think he'd be a steal in the second round.  Of course, they'll probably draft Pacman Jones' angrier cousin or something.

Anybody else have a draft wish for their favorite team?