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Fantasy WR Rankings -- April

Fantasy wide recievers seem to be least affected by moves this off-season. Few fantasy-worthy receivers have changed teams, few have new quarterbacks. There are new head coaches which could change the offensive philosophies of a few teams, but the stars will still get the ball.

It's the draft will shake things up though so I'm looking forward to that.

  Name Team Notes
1 C. Johnson CIN Teams still haven't found a way to stop him.
2 M. Harrison IND He has to slow down at some point, right? Right?
3 R. Williams DET Mike Martz does wonders for receivers.
4 T. Owens DAL All in the hands of Tony Romo.
5 R. Wayne IND The loss of Stokely may allow the defense to focus more on him.
6 T. Holt STL The addition of Drew Bennett should help him out.
7 D. Driver GB As long as Favre keeps chugging along, he'll get his stats.
8 P. Burress NYG Manning keeps looking to him in the red zone.
9 S. Smith CAR Only 10 rec for 123 yds in the three games Delhomme was injured. Carr is an improvement at backup.
10 T.J. Houshmandzadeh CIN Rumors circulated that he wanted to leave Cincy, but he's denied it.
11 L. Evans BUF How will Evans fare without McGahee? Depends on who they get in the draft.
12 J. Walker DEN I'm not convinced Cutler is the real deal. Walker's value could drop this year.
13 A. Boldin ARZ The offense should rely less on him this season.
14 D. Jackson SEA Seattle has a lot of good receivers, but Jackson gets the TDs.
15 A. Johnson HOU Had a great 2007, but how will the transition to Matt Schaub affect him?
16 R. Brown PHI Donte Stallworth is gone, so Reggie is the man in Philly. Looks like breakout time.
17 L. Coles NYJ Be careful, he can disappear for games.
18 D. Stallworth NE He's the #1 target for Tom Brady, but he's missed nine games the past two years.
19 L. Fitzgerald ARZ Missed three games last season and still almost hit 1000 yds. Should see more short passes this year.
20 J. Galloway TB If Garcia keeps the job and stays healthy, Galloway should improve on last year's numbers.
21 B. Edwards CLE Showed flashes of greatness last year.
22 M. Colston NO Now he's the #1 WR with big expectations. Can he live up to the pressure?
23 H. Ward PIT Take away one big game against Atlanta and he finished with an unimpressive 804 rec yds, 3 TD.
24 M. Furrey DET Broke out last year, should see more of the same in 2007 from Martz.
25 J. Horn ATL Ended the season injured, but if he's healthy he can have a big season as Vick's #1 WR.