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Salomon Torres

No sooner do I mention Joe Borowski and the closers-in-waiting vultures circling him, than Pirates closer Salomon Torres is removed from a potential second consecutive blown save.  Right behind him is roto-favorite Matt Capps, the second-year reliever with the wonderful control.

Prior to today's afternoon game, I had considered Torres to be as solid a closer as Todd Jones. I (kind of) still do.  With Todd Jones, there does not appear to be an indicators coming from Detroit that his job is at all in danger.  The same applies to Torres.  At least it did until today's game.

Now we will have to watch/listen/read what comes out of Pittsburgh.  Both his blown saves were ones of singles and walks.  That doesn't appear to indicate anything, dare I coin the term, Juliolian.

From today (care of the Pittsbrugh Post-Gazette):

Torres gave up a walk, a single and a walk with one out, then faced an Astros slugger Carlos Lee who represented the game-tying run at the plate. He got Lee to fly out to right field, a sacrifice fly scoring one run.

Yesterday (same source):

Two of Houston's four hits that inning did not leave the infield, and a throwing error by second baseman Jose Castillo pushed things along for the Astros. Even the two that did leave the infield, RBI singles by Luke Scott and Craig Biggio, touched infield first...."Nothing was driven in that inning," Tracy said. "Balls got hit and found a way through. Happens to the best of them."