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Joe Borowski

Last night, the Indians Fernando Cabrera pitched two sterling innings to earn a win in extra innings following a blown save by close Joe Borowski.  Given Borowski's spectaculr blow-up against the Yankees last Thursday, he has the numbers that have the vultures amongst the closers-in-waiting community circling the fatally wounded pitcher.

I am in agreement that Borowski should be on the short list of current closers ready to lose their job, but I do not believe the Indians will be so quick to cave-in to the cries of the fantasy/sabre-punditry following the awful results of last season's trading of Bob Wickman.  Recall the bullpen fell apart when all the young power arms were given a chance to close.

As a result, the Indians went on a veteran closer buying splurge this past winter.  They landed Borowski, Keith Foulke and Roberto Hernandez.  I don't believe the Indians have any intention of turning important late-game innings to anyone until they work their way up the ladder.

The veteran to lose his job first will not be Borowski.  It will be the 8th inning role of Roberto Hernandez.  Whoever gets that "promotion" will be the next closer and only after successfully pitching the 8th inning.