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Prospect Hot Sheet Week Two

The weekly "Prospect Hot Sheet" is out over at Baseball America.  There is little surprise who is number one - Giants SP Tim Lincecum who has struck out 28 AAA batters in 18 2/3 scoreless innings.

Further down the list is Diamondbacks' 1B Chris Carter.  I mention it for purely self-congratulatory reasons.  He was the other spare corner I believed the Yankees should have obtained in the Randy Johnson trade. (Here) Slipping a bit is 3B Jamie D'Antona.  He is rated #16.

There is another reason to note Carter.  He is hitting in AAA and that means he's a Conor Jackson injury/slump or Tony Clark injury away from a possible recall.  Something to keep in mind in NL-only leagues.

Amongst the other notables are Angels SP Nick Adenhart, a pitcher who may end the season as the best minor league pitcher following the promotions of Lincecum, Philip hughes, Homer Bailey and Yovanni Gallardo.