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Fantasy RB Rankings -- April

If you hated my April fantasy QB rankings, then you'll probably hate my April fantasy RB rankings. Once again you'll notice that there are several players ranked where other people would never rank them.

I truly believe that the fantasy football media (if you want to call it that) is guilty of spending too much time in an "echo chamber" of predictions. So many people are saying the same thing, over and over and over, and before you know it the prevailing wisdom is set and you're an idiot if you don't think Lamont Jordan is a top ten fantasy RB. Uh-huh. I think blogs like this are critical in breaking up that thinking and introducing new ways of looking at fantasy football.

So with that somewhat self-righteous introduction, I give you the April RB rankings.

  Name Team Notes
1 L. Tomlinson SD Nothing else to say.
2 S. Jackson STL Gets little press considering how good he is.
3 J. Addai IND Rushed for 1087 yds WITH Rhodes. Now he's the man.
4 S. Alexander SEA Should pick up where he left off before the injury.
5 L. Johnson KC Seriously? Seriously! A settled QB situation could move him up the list though.
6 F. Gore SF He's able to dominate a game by himself.
7 B. Westbrook PHI Still a slight injury risk, but no reason he can't repeat last year.
8 W. Parker PIT No reason to expect anything different this year.
9 R. Brown MIA His new head coach just spent five years coaching LaDainian Tomlinson.
10 R. Johnson CIN All the weapons (hopefully not those types of weapons) are back in Cincy.
11 L. Maroney NE He's the only guy in the backfield and the Pats will give him the work.
12 R. Bush NO With Deuce taking his share of carries, there's only so much this guy can do.
13 E. James ARZ Improvement over last season, but some o-line upgrades would help more.
14 W. McGahee BAL With an offense designed around the run, there are more touches for McGahee.
15 C. Taylor MIN Needs to have a decent QB (no, not Tavaris Jackson) to keep defenses honest.
16 C. Portis WAS Right now it looks like he'll lose carries to Betts.
17 T. Henry DEN Anybody can run for 1000 yds in Denver, right?
18 C. Benson CHI Finally has the opportunity to shine -- averaged 4.1 yds/carry last season.
19 W. Dunn ATL It's not clear how much of a role Norwood will play in the offense.
20 D. McAllister NO Should still rush for 1000 yds even with Bush in the backfield.
21 C. Williams TB Needs to turn it up this season or risks being labelled a bust.
22 J. Lewis CLE This isn't the Ravens' offensive line.
23 R. Droughns NYG My friend the Giants fan says he's going to dominate behind the NY line, but I'm not sure.
24 F. Taylor JAX Ran for 1146 yds in 15 games, and just signed for another 3 years.
25 J. Jones DAL Only three 100 yds games all season. And Barber seems to be getting better.