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Mariano Rivera

Prior to the start of the season, Yankees manager Joe Torre said he would limit Mariano Rivera to one-inning appearances.  As a Yankees fan, I put as much credence in that as I do politicans who claim something is being done "for the children."

However, just as a small part of me wants that politican to be honest, I also wanted to believe that Torre would be able to know how to quit Mariano.  But he can't.  Mariano was brought into the 8th inning and promptly blew the save.  If he hadn't, he'd have pitched a second inning.

What makes this so disappointing is the Yankees made a decision to carry 13 pitchers; yet, Torre cannot find one of the six other relievers he could use.  That seems to reflect poorly on someone - either management for giving Torre players that aren't usable or Torre for not being flexible enough to take advanatage of his roster.

Froma  fantasy perspective, is anyone concerned that Mariano has blown consecutive saves?  And if there is reason for concern, who would Torre use?