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Will Carroll, Jerry Crasnick, Jayson Stark and Fantasy Football Chats

Update [2007-4-20 15:36:31 by Eric Hz]: Baseball America has a chat going right now. It began at 3 PM. Click here

With the recent news that Miguel Cabrera is dealing with an oblique tweak, I wouldn't be surprised to see Will Carroll's Fantasy Injury chat go for hours!  It won't, but there is certainly enough injury news out there to easily cover more than the typical one hour.

Of some interest, is the changing of the second fantasy chat from baseball to football.  Should the Lions take the best player available, WR Calvin Johnson, and pair him with Roy Williams or are they gun shy because of their past inability to draft well in the first round?  Is Johnson fantasy worthy if he is #2 behind Williams?  If they do take Johnson, will Kitna become the trendy, over-drafted QB with Williams, Johnson and Furrey to throw to or will fantasy owners be gun shy because of the Lions past history?

Click Fantasy Injuries with Will Carroll at 11AM.

Click Jerry Crasnick at noon.

Click Jayson Stark at 1PM.

Click Fantasy Footbal Focus at 3PM.

Click NFL w/Scouts' Keith Kidd at 4PM.