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Baseball Injuries

I just signed-up for the annual premium subscription to Baseball Prospectus.  Of the myriad of reasons for not doing so, one of the main one's was the ability to know what information they had on their site that was available to non-subscribers.  With that information, I could more easily decide what content I could provide here. If it was free, more liberal use. If it wasn't, then a less liberal use.

So after signing-up a hour or so ago, I saw Will Carroll's "Under the Knife' column and assumed it was behind the subscriber wall.  Because I thought I was signed-in, I did not have the convenient break in content I needed to see what was publicly available and did not bring any of the gleaned info to FT.

I later returned and thought I was still signed-in.  To my very slight surprise, I was not.  No idea why except I often have several IE windows open during the day and may have closed the one I and surfed back to BP in a separate window.  Regardless, I discovered that UTK was open to non-subscribers.  Given Mr. Carroll's absence at the ESPN chat, you can find out what he knows/believes about the Felix and Howard injuries along with updates on Chris Carpenter, Chien-Ming Wang, Soriano, Matsui, etc.  Click here

On Felix:

Hernandez's mechanics are still so problematic that pitch counts, limits on pitch use, and not allowing him to ride in any car not manufactured by Volvo won't be enough.

On Howard:

Howard sprained his LCL (lateral collateral ligament), a structure that is actually a secondary stabilizer to the iliotibial band. My sources tell me that the sprain is "sub-Grade I," or as mild as they come. Howard should miss minimal time, if any, and return shortly.

The infomation on different usage patterns for relievers i.e JJ Putz, and starters i.e Felix, that I would like to know are not there.  My suspicion is there is and pushing an injured elbow for 30 pitches is different than pushing it for 100 pitches.