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Derek Jeter

Steve Goldman has written an interesting article about the future move of Yankees' SS Derek Jeter to another position.  Jeter's six errors to open the 2007 season have spurred on this article along with the past musings of moving Jeter to 3B following the ARod acquistion and to CF preceding the Johnny Damon signing.

Mr. Goldman makes the very salient point that the impending departure of ARod helps solve the public relations mess that would ensue with a move of the Captain to another position because of a drop in defensive prowess.  How?

The timing would save Jeter's feelings because it would have the appearance of having been forced on the Yankees by the evil A-Rod, allowing Jeter to make the noble sacrifice of moving...If Rodriguez flees without an heir apparent, the Yankees could present the relocation as an urgent but regrettable necessity.

Should Jeter move to third base, his relative fantasy value would remain unchanged.  While his lack of power would be more glaring at the hot corner, especially in mixed leagues where the position enjoys considerable depth, his Rs, AVG and SB would keep him around the 5th, 6th or 7th area.  What he would no longer be is a late second/early third round pick in mixed-league snake drafts.

But which Jeter haters don't already believe he shouldn't be drafted in the 4th/5th round anyways?