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Keith Law and Rob Neyer Chats

He's back!  Keith Law will be chatting at 1PM today at, and he will be followed by Rob Neyer at 2PM.  Law has been on the road scouting players and should bring some infomration to the table that fantasy teams could find helpful i.e how good a pitcher looks with a new pitch.  (ed. So that is what he does for his employer, Scout Inc?)  

Rob Neyer has been blogging quite a bit at  Unfortunately, it is behind the Insider wall and won't reach as many readers as it would if not behind the wall. However, I would be surprised if he didn't offer some of the information he's blogged about during the chat.

Visit each chat while it is live because it goes right behind the subscriber wall once it finishes.  Click "Keith Law Chat" at 1PM to enter and "Rob Neyer Chat" at 2PM.

For those interested, there is a Fantasy Football Chat at 11AM.