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Scott Kazmir

Listening the the Yankees/Devil Rays game on XM Radio's Channel 176, I was reminded why I don't like Devil Rays starting pitcher Scott Kazmir as much as his ability should dictate.  With a 5-3 lead, Scott Kazmir was removed because of a high pitch count.  In came reliever Shawn Camp, and he preceded to blow the win for Kazmir.

Kazmir was a $20 draftee yesterday.  John Lackey went for $28.  The strengths of their bullpens accounts for the difference in draft price. Can anyone imagine Lackey getting wins blown if he leaves in the 6th inning with a lead?  Speier, Shields and Rodgriguez say, "No!"

In better Devil Rays news, Elijah Dukes homered over the 408' sign in Yankee Stadium.  If he'd only steal a base, then I could beging fielding trade offers for him!