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Terry Evans

Did anyone check out the Angels line-up for yesterday's game without Vladimir Guerrero and Howie Kendrick? No? Macier Izturis was batting 3rd. If you think it is weak because the game was an afternoon affair following a night game, you may be right. C Mike Napoli would make it better. [Eyes roll]

G. Matthews Jr. cf
O. Cabrera ss
M. Izturis 3b
G. Anderson lf
C. Kotchman 1b
S. Hillenbrand dh
E. Aybar 2b
J. Molina c
R. Willits rf

With those outfielders, I venture to guess that AAA OF, Jeff-Weaver-return Terry Evans could be recalled. Given his out-of-nowhere 2006 season, one can be reasonably skeptical. Evans was 24 when he decided to finally make eyes pop - 33 HRs and 37 SBs between High A and AA. He has continued to rake in AAA Salt Lake - .375/.404/.708 with 3HRs and 4 SBs.

The conservative money is on 1B/DH Kendry Morales or 3B Brandon Wood, but they don't play the OF.