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SB Nation Mock Draft -- Round 1 Wrapup

Wrapping up the first round of the SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, here are the final six picks.  Lots of good fantasy possibilities here, reinforcing the notion that good teams (both NFL and fantasy) can draft at the bottom and still find winners.   Details and explanations are at the wonderful Field Gulls blog.   The SB Nation mock will go a full three rounds, so even though I won't be covering the final two rounds here I highly recommend you head over to Field Gulls and check it out.

27) New Orleans - Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
Apparently the Saints blogger (which is actually the LSU blogger, which may explain a lot) doesn't have much faith in Marques Colston and Devery Henderson.  Maybe we shouldn't either.  If Bowe is half as good as his hype he'll find playing time, but this wouldn't be the best fantasy situation for him.

28) New England - Ben Grubbs, G, Auburn
Not a very exciting choice, fantasy-wise.  The Pats offensive-line has done a great job of blocking and protecting so the addition of Grubbs wouldn't have a fantasy impact.

29) Baltimore - Justin Blaylock, G, Texas
Also not very exciting.  Baltimore's line was second in the league with only 17 sacks allowed last year. Blaylock would play, but he won't have any effect on the fantasy production of McGahee and company.

30) San Diego - Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC
Now this is exciting.  A stellar rookie WR on a team that desperately needs a wide receiver.  Jarrett would start immediately and has the potential to make fantasy owners very happy.   Give the Chargers an actual passing threat (gasp!) and it would force opposing coaches to play fewer defenders up front and should lighten up the defensive pressure on LaDanian Tomlinson.   As if we needed him to be even more valuable.  

31) Chicago - Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State
If Lance Briggs ends up somewhere else, then Timmons could see some significant playing time.  He'd be playing on a defensive-minded team, with a defensive-minded coach, and playing next to Brian Urlacher makes a lot of people look good.  So given that  starter role he would have a fantasy impact.  But if Briggs stays, then he won't see enough playing time to give him any fantasy value.  

32) Indianapolis - Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee
It will be hard for Harrell to break into the starting lineup, the Colts are supposedly pretty good.  The best you could expect is for Harrell to get some injury fill-in time, and that wouldn't be enough for him to worth a spot on your fantasy team.