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Felix Hernandez

Whew?  The news out of Seattle is "King" Felix Hernandez doesn't need ulnar collateral ligament surgery.  (Tommy John surgery for those of you who don't play experts on blogs!)  Well, not exactly.

According to The Seattle Times:

Hernandez will miss at least one start and probably more. He won't throw at all for the next five days, but then will begin playing catch. Khalfayan said that a reasonable estimate is Hernandez will miss 10 to 20 days before pitching again.

Hernandez suffered a strained flexor-pronator muscle, which is a muscle in the forearm. It's a common injury for pitchers, Khalfayan said, and is similar to what closer J.J. Putz suffered during spring training.

Can Will Carroll's Friday morning fantasy chat be about anything else?  (ed:  How soon you forget about your afternoon post?)  I recall Mr. Carroll saying Putz' had a torn ligament.  Is that what Khalfayan means by similar to what Putz suffered?

Who takes Hernandez's spot in the rotation has been determined, but, if it is anyone but Brandon Morrow, it will likely be of no consequence.