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All-Injury Team April 2007

What a week so far! On Sunday, Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina and Blue Jays closer BJ Ryan were placed on the DL.  On Tuesday, White Sox 30+ SB LF Scott Podsednick was disabled with a groin strain that won't allow him to run for several weeks.  Yesterday, we learned that Jason Schmidt is out with shoulder issues and Angels' 2B Howie Kendrick with miss 4-6 weeks with a broken finger.  We still await further word on Angels RF Vladimir Guerrero (hand), 2006 MVP Ryan Howard (knee), $136MM man Alphonso Soriano (hamstring) and Mariners' SP Felix Hernandez (elbow).

On top of that, the Phillies also moved their Opening Day starter, Brett Myers, to the bullpen to set-up!  If I can extend a little, there is also the back surgery to Blue Jays LF Reed Johnson, and the elbows issues of Cardinals #1 SP Chris Carpenter and the Yankees' $40MM man Carl Pavano.  A little further, and Angels 3B Chone Figgins can be added along with SPs Bartolo Colon, Josh Johnson, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez

Add it all up and the equivalent of a 1st place fantasy team is on the DL or close to being so, and this in just the first 19 days of the season!  What fantasy gamers need to remember is even if all the injured players miss the next six weeks, there will still be 2/3s of the season remaining.  There is more than enough time to make-up any ground lost.  In the mean time, take advantage of the opportunity to add a top prospect, Adam Lind and possibly Brandon Wood, or the temporary full-time starter and enjoy!