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Jorge Julio, Scott Podsednick, Jason Schmidt

Update [2007-4-18 17:29:11 by Eric Hz]: The Marlins placed Julio on the DL with a "calf strain".

Wow.  Jorge Julio has a 4.59 WHIP following his debacle last night.  Any moment now, I am expecting to hear about some sort of arm injury.  There has to be something wrong that he isn't disclosing, and the sooner the Marlins get him off the active roster, the better.

He needs a "rehab" stint in the minors to work out whatever very real problems he is having.


White Sox left fielder Scott Podsednick has a midl to severe groin strain.  With him down, the already shallow pool, of AL players with significant speed becomes less so.

This should just about end any chance of SBs being a meaningful category in AL-only leagues for most of the participants.  Chone Figgins is on the DL and may be the single biggest standings effector when he returns because at least half the teams in that type of league will be without a solid 30+ SB threat.  Figgins alone could be worth 5 points to the last place teams.


The Dodgers placed Jason Schmidt, he of the $49MM contract and 81 MPH fastball, on the DL.  Does this presage the return of Chad Billingsley to the starting rotation?  I hope so because the cascade in the bullpen would make Chin-Hui Tsao a nice sleeper as a power arm middle reliever.