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ESPN Chat Links

ESPN has a lighter chat line-up today than I have become used to seeing since the baseball season started.  Wednesday is still Baseball America's Jim Callis Day, and there are still two Fantasy Focus baseball chats, one at 11Am and the other at 3OM, but there are no football ones.  I am not ready to link to Arena Football League chats quite yet - maybe never.

The same disclaimers apply to all the ESPN chats - they are open to non-subscribers while live and are immediately whisked behind the Insider wall once they conclude.

In the event you want something a little different, Baseball Prospectus's Maury Brown will be hosting a chat at 3PM. Here is the link.

Click Fantasy Baseball Focus Part I at 11AM.

Click Baseball America's Jim Callis at 2PM.

Click Fantasy Baseball Focus Part II at 3PM.