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Prospect Hot Sheet

Baseball America has its inital "Prospect Hot Sheet" of the 2007 season out, and it is lead by brewers' 3B Ryan Braun.  Coming in at #2 is the Yankees probable starting pitcher for today's game against the Indians, Chase Wright.

The PHS is a good place to track who is hot in the minors this season and worthy of claiming if they are recalled this season.  It is also a good place to get an idea of who will be getting all the hype next winter assuming that player is a frequent member of the weekly rundown.

Interesting, AZ 3B Jamie D'Antona comes in at #3.  Recall I had wanted the Yankees to target him in the Randy Johnson deal given AZ's major league depth at the corners. about AAA 1B Chris Carter, good plate discipline - more BBs(78) than Ks(69), and AA 3B Jamie D'Antona - .310/.382/.484)?  Both have decent numbers and either could be expected to play as well as 1B Andy Phillips.  And the very fact Phillips is still considered the starting 1B attests to the utter lack of corner depth in the organization.

Seems to have been fairly well said, no?