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Fantasy Baseball Line-Ups & Buster Olney Chats

Update [2007-4-16 13:1:43 by Eric Hz]: There is a Rob Neyer chat at 4PM. Could all these chats be payback for the fantasy fu..snafu that just occurred?

There are plenty of baseball related chats going on today.  Begun last Monday, the morning edition of Fantasy Baseball Focus chat will center on setting your weekly line-ups.  Given my robust start to the H2H League (14-6 and 1st place after two weeks), I want to do my best to make that showing one of expertise and not a fluky two-weeks.

Former Mets GM Steve Phillips chats at noon, and he is followed by the always-interesting, heir apparent to the Gammons crown, Buster Olney at 1 PM.  After yesterday's DL cornocopia, his AM blog and afternoon chat are must-reads.

The work days ends with a standard edition of Fantasy Baseball Focus.  How many different closer situations will be addressed today?  The over/under is 9 and a half.  If the over hits, then the chat's title should be changed to Fantasy Closer Focus.

Click Fantasy Baseball Line-Ups at 11AM.
Click Steve Phillips at noon.
Click Buster Olney at 1PM
Click Fantasy Baseball Focus at 3PM.