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Zach Greinke, Alex Gordon, Josh Hamilton

Zach Greinke, one of the pitching surprises of 2007, gave-up 4 earned runs in two-thirds of an inning tonight.  Those ERs brought his ERA to 3.95.  That is still a very good AL ERA, but his fantasy owners aren't going to recognize that when they see its effects on their team ERA.  Throw-in those six runners, and his WHIP rose to 1.98.  He can be had in a trade now.


Royals' teammate Alex Gordon now qualifies at SS in traditional Rotisserie leagues with his appearance at SS tonight.  Sliding him to the middle makes that sub-.150 AVG more palatable, doesn't it?  Does Dave Luciani feel any sense of schadenfreude?


Am I the only one still reserving judgment on Reds OF Josh Hamilton?  I feel a little bad about raining on this feel-good story of redemption, but I can't get past the fact that he has barely played this year.