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New Fantasy Baseball Blogs

I've got a few new blogs to recommend you visit.  The first is Crooked Pitch.  To quote the author, "Crooked Pitch is a good place to visit if you're a fan of baseball, specifically fantasy baseball, APBA baseball, sabermetrics and/or baseball history."  I've taken a look and think you should, too.

The next blog is Weebro's Fantasy Blog.  Another young blog, the author has caught my attention with recent posts about Milton Bradley and Angel Guzman.  Coverage of players in the lower half of the fantasy rankings is something I feel a particular affinity towards.

The final newbie fantasy blog you should visit (and in the Northeast, on this very rainy Sunday), is Warning Track Power.  The author says it best, "I'm starting Warning Track Power to give the fantasy baseball blog-media a more deep keeper/dynasty-league oriented voice-one that doesn't simply parrot the same predictions that get passed around from blog to blog. Stop by often for a fresh view on the fantasy world."  This what I particularly liked from his most recent post.  "(* denotes a player already in Yahoo's database)"  And the player not starred?  Philip Hughes.  That is the type of info I find valuable when dealing with the Yahoo! game.