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DL Sunday

What a day!  I'm digging trenches to shunt the water away from the house to prevent basement flooding.  I am soaked from head to toe.  (Please stop the rain!  I don't want to know how much water is in my boots and the only way I'll find out is when I put my dry feet into them!)

After having some food and feeling the soreness settle in, I see the Yankees have put SPs Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano on the DL.  AA LHP Chase Wright gets Pavano's Tuesday start, and I expect Jeff Karstens or Chien-Ming Wang to be activated from the DL to take Mussina's next start.  

Blue Jays closer BJ Ryan is on the DL with elbow issues, and I can't help thinking his limited Spring Training was not entirely because of a sore back.  Nor can I dismiss Casey Janssen's save last weekend.  It's got a Sixth Sense feel to it.

Update [2007-4-15 20:36:46 by Eric Hz]: From the Toronto Sun:

Ryan's injury comes as left-fielder Reed Johnson was deciding whether to have back surgery that would cost him about two months!
[Exclamation point is mine.]

Rockies 2B Kaz Matsui, he of the 5 SBs, is placed on the 15-day DL with back spasms. Since Clint Barmes was hitting a mere .200 in 20 AAA Abs, I am guessing there is more to the story.  Jamey Carroll should be the main beneficiary.

A's SP Rich Harden leaves the 7th inning with shoulder pain.  He'll be on the DL soon enough.  With the A's offense, I can't imagine Joe Kennedy being able to hold opponents to one or two runs needed to win games.  Rich Harden could.  Expecting the A's to be able to score three runs is too much to ask!