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Fantasy QB Ratings -- April

Proving once again it's never too early to start thinking about fantasy football, here are my Top 25 Fantasy Quarterbacks for April. I don't include anybody who hasn't been drafted yet, and I only consider the teams as they currently are composed. The post-draft rankings in May will have some changes.

Since it's only April, I'm still formulating my projections on these guys but this is where they stand in April. Even though it's only April I'm sure you'll see some rankings that you think are completely insane. If you do, let me hear about it!

  Name Team Notes
1 P. Manning IND The loss of Stokely will have some effect, but not much.
2 M. Bulger STL The addition of Bennett will help.
3 C. Palmer CIN Will probably lose Chris Henry, but that won't matter.
4 M. Hasselbeck SEA If Darrell Jackson leaves, Hasselbeck's value drops.
5 D. McNabb PHI Kevin Curtis and Bethel Johnson will improve Donovan's numbers.
6 D. Brees NO I'm not convinced that he can repeat last year's numbers, but I might be convinced by August.
7 T. Brady NE Stallworth is a fantastic target, but there will be games when the Patriots focus on the run.
8 M. Vick ATL Horn will help, but his fantasy value depends on how Coach Petrino uses him.
9 B. Leftwich JAX I might be the only one, but I still think Leftwich is going to have a breakout season at some point.
10 E. Manning NYG I don't believe Reuben Droughns is the answer.
11 J. Kitna DET A second year in Mike Martz's offense should produce huge gains.
12 D. Culpepper MIA Right now he's the starter, right now he has stars at WR and RB. Right now, he's in the top dozen.
13 P. Rivers SD Threw for 22 TDs last year but didn't have a receiver over 1000 yards.
14 J. Delhomme CAR The Carr signing throws up big warning flags for me.
15 M. Leinart ARZ He's a smart guy, so his second year in the offense should show improvement.
16 T. Romo DAL He all the weapons at his disposal. If he's just adequate he'll be a valuable fantasy option.
17 V. Young TEN If the Titans can't do better than the Joneses (RB Chris and WR Brandon) then VY can't do it all by himself.
18 R. Grossman CHI Defensive Coordinators have had an entire off-season to figure him out. Expect a drop.
19 A. Smith SF He is going to breakout, but it might not be this season. On the other hand, it might be.
20 C. Pennington NYJ The development of Jerricho Cotchery and Brad Smith are the key to Pennington's season.
21 T. Green KC He still has nobody to catch the ball
22 B. Roethlisberger PIT He regressed in several areas last season. It's possible that was due to the head injury though.
23 J.P. Losman BUF An impact RB taken in the draft (hint, hint) would improve his value immensely
24 J. Garcia TB Has the opportunity, now he has to prove last year wasn't a fluke
25 S. McNair BAL Not sure how many more healthy games McNair has left.