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Great Pitching

If your teams look like mine, there are two complementary things you've noticed - your hitting stinks and your pitching looks better than you thought it would.  There has also been talk in the popular baseball press that the pitching has been good so far which supports my team observations.

Those two pieces of information are all I need to believe it is true, but I noticed that there seems to be an inordinate number of pitchers starting today with ERA under 2.00 after their first couple starts (8 - Josh Beckett, Nate Robertson, Zach Greinke, Andy Pettitte, Tim Hudson, John Maine, Rodrigo Lopez, and Doug Davis) and another handful with ERA under 3.00 (CC Sabathia, Matt Cain, Ian Snell, Braden Looper, Ted Lilly and Chris Young.)

This buttresses the general impression I have that pitching has been very good so far this season.

I wanted to get this post-up prior to the first pitches in today's games because this condition will not last, and I didn't want to observation to be passe before I could even note it!  Considering there were only two pitchers with an ERA below three last year, Johann Santana at 2.77 and Roy Oswalt at 2.98 , I do not see that sub-3.00 being breached by many more than two this year much less the sub-2.00 marker.