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Will Carroll, Jayson Stark and Fantasy Football Chats

There is a very nice trio of chats today on ESPN.  (ed:  Didn't your teachers tell you to try better than "nice" as a descriptor?)  The first is fantasy injuries with Will Carroll at 11AM.  That is followed by Jayson Stark at 1PM, and the weekend will be ushered in by a fantasy football chat at 3PM.

I typically find one or two pieces of information that is relevent to the giant fantasy mosiac that exists in my mind.  I hope those pieces are big enough to merit mention here.

The typical disclaimers apply regarding subscriber/non-subscriber access.

To enter each chat for non-subscribers, click here for Will Carroll between 11AM and 11:45AM.  Here for Jayson Stark between 1:00PM and 1:30 PM (I'm not to sure how long he goes), and here between 3:00PM amd 3:45PM for fantasy football.  Insider subscribers can access the content any time after the chat begins.