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Adam Lind, Florida Closer, Carl Pavano

The Blue Jays placed LF Reed Johnson on the DL with back pain and recalled top prospect Adam Lind who hit .308 with a couple HRs in what could be his last stint in AAA this year.

He is a must-grab in AL-only formats and should get the majority of LF ABs while Johnson rests his back.  (ed:  isn't it odd to put him on the DL for just soreness?)

If Lind is a butcher in the field, my statement that he could have seen his last AAA time will prove to be premature.

Update [2007-4-14 7:14:9 by Eric Hz]: From the Toronto Sun:

Johnson's loss to a herniated disc in his lower back....missed two weeks in spring training with lower back soreness, underwent an MRI on Friday....There was no immediate word on how long Johnson would need to recover.

The Marlins announced the team will go with a closer-by-committe while Jorge Julio works out his issues.  Should I have used "while"? It indicates that Julio is still viewed as this year's closer, doesn't?

"We want to get him [Julio] comfortable, get his confidence and let him work on his stuff."

That sure sounds like "while" was appropriate!

This is an awful situation because every owner of the aforemnetioned committee plus Julio owners have to either cut potential saves or risk watching another team get those cut saves.  As a Julio/Gregg/Lindstrom owner in an NL-only, I certainly empathise.

Update [2007-4-14 7:14:9 by Eric Hz]: From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

Wednesday, Jorge Julio revealed the Marlins told him he would no longer continue pitching the ninth inning. Two days later, Gonzalez reiterated his remarks about doing what's best for the player and the team. He fell short of saying Julio no longer is the closer....Right-hander Henry Owens picked up his first career save Monday, but Gonzalez has not told him to be ready to reprise the role.

Yankees start Carl Pavano will miss Saturday's scheduled start with forearm problems.  Let the ganging-up by the press begin anew!  Sometimes the press reminds me of a gang of pre-teens who lose their sense of self to the herd and just pile-on relentlessly.

The Yankees have been struck be an inordinate number of pitching injuries this year.  The team can slug their way to 85+ wins so there isn't a ton to worry about, but I'm sure Yankees' brass would prefer AAA pitching stud Philip Hughes had done better than yesterday's 5 inning, 5 ER, 7H outing.

Update [2007-4-14 8:4:44 by Eric Hz]: From the NY Post:

Due to muscle soreness in his forearm/elbow area....Should Pavano not be able to post, the Yankees are leaning toward promoting lefty Chase Wright from Double-A Trenton.

19 Ks, a .085 BAA in 14 innings. Isn't this supposed to be Philip Hughes? And if Wright has broken through at 24, then it is unfair to the rest of the league.